Excellent equipment for the reliable

thermal management of enclosures

Enclosure Heaters

Condensation is dangerous for any electrical enclosure placed in location where temperature is not controlled. When temperatures fall and the air reaches the point of condensation, any electrical equipment can be damage if not otherwise protected.

High humidity levels are the leading causes of enclosure malfunction, causing problems such as accelerated aging, oxidation trouble and even short circuiting.

We have developed a fresh product line of enclosure heaters and accessories designed to prevent the build-up of condensation and obtain a controlled temperature in the electrical enclosures.

Our product line introduces three new concepts:

FAST-S up to 100W spring thermal box
FAST-ST up to 150 W safe touch  – spring terminal box
WIND up to 800 W safe touch  – spring terminal box  – integrated air thermostat on request


All T-EQ heaters are based on PTC technology and are made from Aluminum thanks to heat conduction properties, saving energy and increasing efficiency.


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Ventilation and filter fans

High temperatures directly affects the reliability and service life of all electrical equipment in the vast majority of cases.

The ventilation system is an easy and economical solution to cool your equipment when it is possible to use external air (forced air flow from 35 to 900 m3/h).


The new design of T-EQ AERO line combines the air flow optimization and the high protection degree (up to IP55).


Our product line introduces the following concepts:

– easy and fast mounting without using tools or screws thanks to special clips on board

– improved sealing between the cabinet and the environment thanks to special filter that allows high protection (IP55) and high air flow rates (up to 900 m3/h)

– easy maintenance of filters thanks to the innovative “flap system”.


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Thermoelectric Coolers

High temperatures directly affects the reliability and service life of all electrical equipment in the vast majority of cases.
There are special applications that require the ability to withstand vibrations, the absence of maintenance (no gas presence) or the ability to install cooling units on moving organs.

These requirements can be met by thermoelectric coolers since they do not require gas or other fluids, for their compact dimensions, lightweightness and not susceptibility to vibration.

T-EQ thermoelectric coolers are ideal for applications that require protection of electronic components placed on the moving parts, and for all applications of small electrical enclosures ( cooling capacity up to 200W).


BREEZE product line are reliable and ready-to-use


– No ac/dc converter is needed: plug our cooler directly to the network.
– No external control system or extra wiring are needed: just set up the inner temperature and our control system will control the operation of the cooler.


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Thermostats and Hygrostat


are used as cabinet temperature control. They are normally connected to heaters (1 NC contact model) or filter fans ( 1 NO contact model) and or for alarm signals (both 1 NC than 1NO contact models).


Humidity controller

is useful when high accuracy in climate control is needed. This unit provided with proper sensor combines several function such as humidification / dehumidification switch (1 NO-NC relayed contact), led display, alarm setting.


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Who we are

T-EQ is a newly developed italian company, backed with over ten years of concrete engineering experience.
At T-EQ we are passionate about designing and developing excellent products that extend and improve the longevity of your equipment.
With up-to-date technology, our products are designed to aid in the thermal management of enclosures through the fluctuation of heating and cooling.
Our climate controllers optimize temperature and humidity in order to find the correct balance between climate needs and power consumption.


Our philosophy

We believe in the ethics of social work and respect; research, development and production of T-EQ are based on values ​​that respect the environmental, social and economic complex system in which it operates.
The research of the continuous improvement is not an end in itself but is the basis of our motivation to aim at a step higher to stand out in the market with an innovative and reliable production.


Commitment to Ethical Business


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